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Dear friends,

I believe many of you have recognized this funny creature in the picture, which the Irish call '' Leprechaun '' - '' Leprechaun ''. Leprechaun lives in a fairy world, in the world of Irish folklore, and he is a little man, frankly, far from poor, but all his wealth is Irish people, so Leprechaun keeps in a pot of gold and hides it from people to the end of the rainbow ... Rainbow is the end? :) Yes, such a sly and greedy fellow will be your neighbor on the beautiful Island, which is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and its coast is washed by the cold Irish Sea, not far from the UK, by the way, and which is called the beautiful word Ireland .. '' Ireland '' - '' Island '' in English, and of course, in the native language of the Irish themselves - '' Eire '' - '' E-er '' or '' E-ere '' and means this word - '' state ''.


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I deliberately do not use the word "emigration" in my article, although against this very definition, which implies the conscious relocation of an individual or groups of people from one country to another, I have nothing against it. I just want to prematurely avoid possible negative moods in connection with your potential move to Ireland, when you will get acquainted with my most different materials on the topic “Emigration to Ireland”, because the move itself is almost never easy due to our very different personal reasons, the adoption of only one decision-move-what we are only worth! But I know well that in this future of your life here there will be much more positive in many of its aspects, because it is impossible to NOT fall in love with Ireland ... and I myself have fallen in love with this beautiful country forever and for what - for me it remains a mystery ... :)

I will certainly tell you also about all - or almost all - the minuses of life in Ireland, and also about so many other equally important things that you should know about in advance.

So there will be a lot of articles on various topics. Stay on my site, friends, and you will read everything in this part of the site : '' Your  Irish Dream ''

And if you have your own purely personal questions - write to me, do not hesitate, I will definitely try to answer you if this is in my power.

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Related imageThe life of society in any civilized state, to which, undoubtedly, the Republic of Ireland also applies, is made up of many items of the state budget, which we replenish with you - taxpayers.




img 20180131172246 243During the years of my life in Ireland, social life, of course, did not stand still, and new laws, acts and additions to the already existing laws were adopted due to the huge number of people who came to Ireland for 15 years from very many countries in the world to regulate the flow of all these new inhabitants.



qqqqqq2513897128Continuing the topic I started about a more comfortable adaptation to life in Ireland, I want to tell you about Information Centers created specifically for the population, and not only for visitors, although most of their visitors are, of course, people who came to Ireland to live and work different nationalities. In English, the name of these community centers sounds like 'City Center Citizens Information Service' - CCCIS.


444iae featured content glendaloughDear friends, I wouldn’t argue about where and why we live better, or about my own words about the following words: “Come to Ireland forever, you will never regret!” No, I will not say these words to anyone, not even our own, for all of us are different in our ideas about human happiness. Nevertheless, in this conversation there is one “but” ... 




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