Looking back on that day in July 2006, when I boarded an airplane and flew from Latvia to Ireland, which was completely unfamiliar to me, and, in fact, to nowhere, now it's hard for me to believe that it all happened to me, that all tha and this - I have lived ... that so many of the most unusual and very different, from tragic to ridiculous, from absurd to frankly bitter events have occurred in my life over the years ...

One thing I can say with confidence and a smile - my life has never been boring for years of life and work on the Emerald Isle, as poetically once called the beautiful and beloved Ireland, a country where my heart is forever left and to where I absolutely and always  want to return  ...

And now I would love to introduce you to ''My Ireland'', and share with  what I have learned during the years of my life in this country, among these people. ''About Ireland without  Umbrella" - in a direct and allegorical sense, and about that little-known little wide circle of people all over the world. What Ireland lived a century ago and what lives today, what the Irish are famous for and what they can rightly be proud of? And what contribution has this country made to world cultural heritage? Stay with me and you will learn a lot not only interesting, but also new and important both about Ireland and about the Irish! My project is a tribute to the Emerald Isle and the wonderful people who live here.


The assistant in the kitchen in the hospital, the cleaning lady and the waitress in the pub, the teacher of Russian and English, the holistic therapist and beautician, the journalist and interpreter - during my first year in Dublin, I nedeed all my knowledge, skills and my life experience to survive and so passed , I would say - rushed past! - that first year on the emerald island ...

I was born and grew up in Moscow. According to the female line, my ancestors came from the Don Cossacks, and I think I have to thank you my ancestors from whom I inherited my independence and freedom-loving character.  I was about to finish my school in my 17 when I decided to bring my works on literature to the editor of one of the Moscow newspapers and with desperate boldness, without any professional education, I asked whether I can stay in the newspaper as a freelance correspondent, at that time I heard my ''life sentence'' from the editorial staff: '' You can write. ' We will accept you with a probationary period of one month. Agree?''. Soon my first article was published, for which I forgot to get my very first fee beinh enourmosly happy untill my elder collegue brought me to the bookkepers and made me to get the money for all my published articles for a few good months.... later my articles were often noted among other best works in our editorial office. So I came to journalism.

This profession to this day is my undoubted love and vocation at the same time. That's why I consider myself a very happy person, because I never get tired of my work, and the words - "Oh, again Monday, how I do not want to go to the office ..." - I had never to say.

Since that day of my youth, time has passed ... I got married and moved from Moscow to Riga .... Here, in Riga, I graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the University of Latvia. Could I then assume that knowing English one day will just turn my life around? ... My life was evolved in different ways, like life of all the Soviet people .... We all had survived then the collapse of the USSR, the economic crisis of the 90s, the independence of Latvia and the ignorance of the Latvian Government  ''What shall we do with this independence now?'' In the summer of 2006, I took a decision and flew to Ireland, where I mostly live and work in recent years.

A few months after I moved to this country, I started working in a Russian newspaper in Dublin, and I had to travel a lot with assignments from the editorial office of  ''Nashey Gazeti''. I came across face to face with a different culture, with another economic system and other values, with the traditions and customs of the Irish people. I think that in a certain sense I experienced a cultural shock, like all those thousands of emigrants who came to Ireland from all over the world and all this was reflected in my articles, and later in my books.

Professional life is inseparable from our personal life - we all want not only to take place in our profession, but also to be and feel as happy people. In Ireland, which in recent years has become a multinational country, I was born as a writer: in 2009, at the request of my student from Australia for his site, for all those who are learning Russian and want to better understand the Russian culture, I wrote his first book in the genre of journalism in English, which is addressed exclusively to the male part of the population of the whole world, those who want to get acquainted with Russian women in order to create a family. It's called '' Your way to the heart of a Russian woman ''. in my book I am telling about our wonderful women, about Russian traditions and about many other very important things in the family relations of two people belonging to different cultures and often to different religions.


Ireland did encourage me to start writing books in different genres

I am very pleased that the book still enjoys great popularity among men of different nationalities all over the world, I receive letters from many of them with gratitude. These letters from male readers and their questions - How to competently build interpersonal relationships with my wife from the country of post-Soviet space? - led me to the idea that I need to write a sequel.
Ирландский детектив
A lot of events from my professional activities and my personal life in Ireland over the years, intertwined with an unquestionable share and artistic fiction, formed the basis of my first book in the genre of an adventure detective, which I personally was very fascinating to start working with. So many interesting things I saw on the Emerald Isle and what I personally took part in was not enough for one detective story ... The whole series is called ''The Irish Detective', but it's not a detective story in the way we all are used to. Rather, there are intertwined plot and adventures, and romance, and intricate detective intrigue.

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So, dear readers and guests of the site, welcome to my world: the world of my articles, books and videos! And hopefully I shall make your days:)




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