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 Here you will find articles of very different themes about the beautiful and amazing country that the poets once long ago called the "Emerald Island" for the abundance of evergreen shrubs and grass where you may also live or dream to visit in the future.
.I can talk about Ireland  endlessly, so is its culture, which has long conquered the whole world, and it is not only everyone's beloved St. Patrick's Day, which has long been celebrated even in my native Moscow :) .. ..
This country has presented the world with extraordinary world famous writers, bright and unforgettable poets, artists, dancers and artists of world renown, and this very small country will not cease captivating us with its unique and diverse culture, formed by centuries, despite the terrible genocide of the Irish people in times of prolonged English colonization ...
All my stories about Ireland for the sake of convenience of search I have broken on themes and have allocated navigation in the left column.
  Welcome to Ireland!





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