www1234The influence and fame of this woman were so great during her life that after her death, the Irsh monks tried to destroy the traces of her grave, fearing that the memory of her recalcitrant and rebellious character and after her death would stir the souls and hearts of the Irish and urge them not to put up with the English colonization and rise to rebellion ...The name of this outstanding Irish - Grace O'Malley -- Grace O'Malie, who remained in the memory of her people as “Granuaile”, which translated from Irish meant “short-cropped hair” .

wwwirish famineEndless wars with the British for several centuries, famine that lasted for years, empty, lifeless cities, forced emigration of more than 2 million Irish people, after which the population of the nation could not recover from those tragic times in the history of the Irish people ... .

wwwshamrock plants 640x360The unofficial symbol of Ireland is the shamrock petals, or the "shamrock" in English.For centuries it has traditionally been used in medicine, it is customary to give each other and pin in the days of St. Valentine and St. Patrick, it is covered with secrets and legends, and still popularly they say - it brings great luck ...

wwwtumblr mamep6OusA1rysg8po1 1280Many of us know that sailors are superstitious people, and their superstitions especially spread to women who until the middle of the 20th century were not allowed to board the ship. The Pirates Code reads: "Neither the boy nor the woman is allowed to be on board of the ship.If someone who is tempted by an affair and under the cover of night secretly leads a woman to the ship, and will be found by his teammates, will not escape the painful death at the hands of his own comrades ".  But the history of the Irish piracy keeps curious facts about exceptions to this extremely harsh rule for the past centuries ...

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"... Set me as a seal on your heart, like a ring, on your hand, for love is as strong as death, fierce, like hell ... its arrows are arrows of fire, it is a strong flame, and great waters are not can extinguish my love ... ''                            

 "Song of Songs" by King Solomon




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