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 I am beginning to tell about the Great Irish people, about which I have long thought to start writing. The Irish Culture is not only not only Guinness, known all over the world, and unforgettable Irish dances of the world's favorite dance groups, "The Lord of Dance", "Riverdance", or the equally famous Irish whiskey ... The culture of this people is immeasurably richer and versatile than it may seem at first glance, and about which many people in the world today do not suspect. My first articles - just confirmed it, because readers of my blogs who are interested in Ireland, write to me - '' Thank you for writing about this, Svetlana, I've never heard of this before ... '

These Great Irish writers, poets, actors and musicians - with their creations in different areas of art - contributed their personal contribution, neither much nor little - to the History of World Culture - and glorified Ireland for ages. Their names can not be ignored or forgotten ...
Fortunately, the world recognition, as well as the gratitude of the people of our vast world, came to many of them even during their lifetime, and they did not die in poverty and grief, forgotten or rejected by everyone, like the beautiful Irish and my favorite writer Oscar Wilde ..

 So...Let's open the door to the world of their unusual destinies ...I am starting talking about these remarcable people from my Mom's and my favourite actor - from Peter O'Toole.

 wwwwf61d8898a4a70e380adb578d254be04fI, perhaps, shall start with the words of the actor himself - a lifelong romantic, a chronic alcoholic ( somehow the tounge does not turn to call the great actor a hopeless drunkcard, nevertheless - this pernicious adoration has caused considerable damage to his health and from which he almost died), an ex-centric with an inexhaustible sense of Irish humor for all ocassions, whose witticisms and deep but not poisonous comments and comments spread all over th eworld as citations and with their own more than just an original vision of this world...As a teenager he wrote in his diary...

"I will not be an ordinary person. I will shake this monotonous world.''

William Butler Yeats 3щщщщщTurn off the TV set, set aside your household chores for a minute and set off on shopping trips, people do not live by bread alone. Not all of us living on this earth can leave our mark for future descendants, so let us remember those who wrote beautiful canvases and left imperishable lines of poems, to whose poetry we turn in moments of spiritual unrest and discord with ourselves and inexplicably - the mysterious glance of Mona Lisa from time immemorial will tell us what none of his contemporaries will tell ...

I invite you to a meeting with the Irish poet William Butler Yeats, who, summing up his life, said:

"I have nothing, but only a book."

wwwwBurren Chernobyl Liam OMeara Web 640x330And again the road takes me to the west - from Dublin I'm going to co. Clare, to a town called Ennis. Past the windows of the bus float pastoral landscapes of the "emerald" island, so well-known for postcards for tourists-evergreen fields with serene lambs, spotted cows, thoughtfully escorting the bus, and graceful horses, and all this leads me to the idea that, perhaps, and in 100 years, the picture of rural Ireland will be just as idyllic - patriarchal, and little will change in the way of life in rural areas, where in the 21st century life is as leisurely as hundreds of years ago. During the time not so short my journey to the earth was falling rain, and the "wipers" barely had time to disperse the gushing streams of water on the viewing glasses in front of the driver, and a few kilometers began to shine such a bright sun that it was impossible to do without sunglasses ... Welcome to Ireland! :) ...

wwwwpg 13 veronica guerin paVeronica Guerin -was an Irish, she was mother, wife, journalist, but above all - she was just a woman ...

In 1996 she was shot in her car after several warnings - threats that came from the Irish drug lords. In one of her interviews, she said very simple words about her private investigation into the drug business in Ireland:

                           ''I don't want to do this, but I have to'' 




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