The day of all evil spirits “Halloween” will not come soon, but I decided to talk a little today about the myths and legends of the country in which we live, probably because the sky is again frowning and pouring on us in the Irish rain ... You do not you mind? Well, fine then ...
I thought for a long time how to translate this English word “banshee” into Russian, which in its linguistic basis came from the Irish language, and I could not find any equivalent in Russian, probably because in our fairy-tale mythology and folklore like a heroine. I remembered all the fairy tales that I re-read with my daughter in her childhood ... but nothing came to mind ...


Once I saw the famous dance show - the "Riverdance" show, for me all other dances ceased to exist. It was what is called love at first sight ...
In my opinion, the ancient Irish dances have a certain mystical meaning, and the spirit of the ancient Celts will speak with you the language of this unusual dance, which is not like any other ... Mysticism, legends, myths and tales of ancient Ireland ... You will not be able to see and not to feel all this, when the mystery of the Irish Soul appears on the stage in front of you ... 
Will we be able to solve the mistery and understand these people..?

maska benetiaIn the capital of Ireland, as well as in other capitals of the world, there are so many interesting places both for your own education and for entertaining entertainment for the whole family that including these places, and not just the famous Irish pubs, make Dublin a truly memorable city, which is impossible not to fall in love and which is definitely impossible to forget! Dublin has a face! But do you, dear friends, know this “face” of a city you know so well - a city without Guinness beer and gay Irish pubs?

I would love to offer you a list of the most interesting and significant places in the capital of Ireland that must be visited at least once.




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