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It is unlikely that in our world there is a person who would not like cinema - This is the Great Art of Cinema, which the wonderful French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere invented in 1883, and since that time they themselves have improved the Cinema. ('' Cinematographe '' in French) is one of the most exciting, and thus the most attractive sight for us. Many leading states of the world, besides France, have already come to the Cinema for a long time and having significantly pressed the Lumiere brothers' homeland, because this art, like no other, has brought millions in profits from the production of the most diverse films in the genre for more than a hundred years.

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Ireland does not belong to such large states from the point of view of both geography and its economy, however, the Art of Irish Cinema has its very individual and very expressive “face”, and this person is not like any other. In pursuit of profit - after all, first and foremost, cinema is a serious business. It is so easy to launch and shoot more purely entertaining films, following in the wake of us, the audience. About Irish Cinema can not be said. But unfortunately, it is not widely known to millions of lovers of this beautiful art both here, in Russia, and in many other countries of the world, as I would like, I am sure, the Irish themselves, and how it really deserves, and there is your reasons. The reasons I won't discuss here, but I definitely want to say that Irish cinema is as interesting as it is diverse, moreover - in just a few decades of existence of the Irish National Cinema, a large number of amazing, very unusual with a purely Irish plot and humor has already been shot exciting films, both witty and dramatic, because Ireland draws its stories from its ambiguous story and modern life.

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''The Magdalene Sisters''

And the good news is that the Irish themselves began to take their national cinema very seriously today, I would say, deservedly responsible, after several attempts to create their own Institute of Cinematography / '' Irish Film Board '' in 1980, which lasted only until 1987 of the year. During these years, both the box office and the widely known '' My Left Foot '', '' The Commitments '' and '' The Crying Game '' films and the mentioned sensational films pushed some politicians and world famous in Ireland to be made. culture and art of people on whom the re-establishment of the National Cinematography Institute directly depended, and the former Minister of Art and Culture, then President of Ireland Michael Higgins and Lelia Doolan, who in 1993 headed the Irish Cinema - Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland.

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From 1993 to 2004, about 100 films were put into production and filmed, which became popular with viewers and became a box office. Such films as' 'Intermission' ',' 'Man about Dog' ',' 'The Guard' ',' '' Brooklyn '' on international screens collected from 2 to 2, 5 million dollars. Ireland also became a platform for the production of foreign film companies, and in Ireland, well-known films such as ''Braveheart'', ''Reign of Fire'' and others were shot.

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I am not a film critic, firstly, to sort out Irish cinema by bone, and this is not my task. I want to draw your closer attention to the Irish cinema, seeing all the films from the list I offer. These are the films that I watched myself, which we review again, as we all review favorite movies from time to time, and it may happen that your acquaintance with the Irish movies will push you to see more films made in Ireland and about Ireland.

The Field l

Image result for дочь райана кино фотоSo, this far rather big list of films, as I have already noticed, I want to start with an amazingly beautiful film that was shot by the famous cinema classic by famous English director David Lean. The movie is  ''Ryan's Daughter''- the movie which  is  the most famous film  shot in Ireland after  the classical irish and worldwide famous “The Quiet Man.”




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