Image result for celtic tiger in irish economy picturesSpeaking of Ireland 2013-2015 and the economic situation in the country today, we need to talk about how the crisis affected the lives of ordinary Irish people, as journalists like to call “not the power of the people”, and the question remains the same - was there a tiger indeed and if he really ''presented'', so, for how long that  striped guy had boosted the Irish economy?

It was not for nothing that I mentioned the fact that Ireland was a colony of Great Britain for many centuries. The inhabitants of a small island, for reasons of both geographical and historical nature, were left to themselves and to some extent isolated from the European continent. The fact that the British have starved an entire nation for centuries with hunger, despite the fact that the birth rate of the Irish Catholics was high and there were often families with 15-20 children, as a result, the whole nation inherited a weak  genetics. 


Almost every Sunday I have been going to the center of Dublin for several months now. It has become a kind of my personal tradition. I walk along the main streets, watch the townspeople, stop and listen to street musicians, buy something from the right and have lunch at the same time, usually in the same shopping center, and almost always, on the same street, I will put it in my hands squatting Irishman, 1-2 euros. Seven years ago, when I first arrived on the emerald island, I could not even think that this country, where people leave all weekly wages for pubs and shopping centers, and then it averaged 400 euros, would come to such a  "Today"...





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