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Image result for россия фотоLooking back at the time that I have been living in Ireland and having met people from different social levels while working here as a journalist, I have come to the unfavourable conclusion that Irish people treat Russia with distrust if not to say prejudice. I remember how once, shortly after my arrival, I had an interview / conversation with a well-educated and famous over Dublin mature lawyer who had been travelling around the whole world and when I asked him –“Why haven’t you yet been to Moscow or St. Petersburg?” – I heard  an absolutely serious answer which just shocked me –

“I could be killed over there”.

Image result for photo of putinOne of my readers asked me an important question that I wanted to clarify for myself - “How do the Irish people relate to Russians?” Over the years of my life on the Emerald Island, I have seen a lot of funny and sad, sometimes scary, sometimes just ridiculous things in Ireland, and all my memories will not fit into one article, for how to tell your life in this country in a few minutes that you will spend in front of your computers ... Therefore, I opted for some, in my personal opinion, significant meetings that will illustrate this question. I believe that after reading my memories and reflections in this article, you will also have something to think about ..




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