It is not easy for me, being a woman, to confess a love for men, but I will try, especially since women also serve in GARDA.

In Northern Ireland, peace officers are called, as is customary in England - "POLICE". In the Republic of Ireland, the Irish have given their own definition to those who serve the people, and in Irish they are called “garda siochana”. Translated from English, this sounds, in my opinion, beautifully - "guardiens of peace" - "keepers of peace" ...



On February 28th in 2013, Pope Benedict XVI resigned. I do not belong to the Catholic Church and I am not a personal acquaintance of Benedict XVI, but something tells me that one of the true, and therefore deeply hidden reasons for his departure, relates not only to the speech in which the Pope touched the Holocaust. I think the reason lies much deeper and the speech of Pope Benedict XVI, it was quite likely, was provoked by him himself, so that the world community took note of the version of the Vatican - about the alleged lexical negligence in the speech of the Pope, which was dedicated to Holocaust Memories.

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 "Can you understand all this? And will your article be interesting to the readers of your newspaper? ... Yes, the Irish are embarrassed - he took the money. But who cares now? It's been a long time ago ... "- from my conversation with an Irish lawyer from a respectable and oldest law firm in Dublin.

Related imageThe visit of Elizabeth II  to Ireland in 2011 became the first visit of the English monarchs from 1911 to the country, which is, as the English say, "next door neighbor" and which one  was enslaved by Great Britain for several centuries.Many people from politics and history in both countries today are avoiding mentioning certain facts in the history of the Irish people and in relations between the two states that can only be called tragic and shameful by their names and selling Irish, men, children and women to English colonies - one of such questions. 

Image result for irish barrister judge  imageWhen buying a ticket to Ireland, none of us, even in the most terrible dream, expect to meet with the Irish Themis, as they say, you do not even wish the enemy. But not always, unfortunately, our life develops as we would like. Immigrant crime in Ireland and our criminals are here ... Who are they and what fate turned out to be behind the Irish grid? Probably, before breaking the law, it would be nice to know - how do the Irish courts work?

Kieran SDU 2111My articles often arise from casual conversations with strangers, much about the history and modernity of Ireland was written under the influence of such meetings. This article would not have been written, if not for a chance meeting with Kieran Wade at one of the conferences, I was interested in his work, which is to make topographic maps of Ireland. Those same cards that are hard to live without on the road, whether we are traveling on an emerald island or looking for an unfamiliar street.





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