wwwwwst patricks day3 e1489658786830At the end of August, the second month of my stay in Ireland, our housemates, a young couple of Polish students, Ilona and Michal, were about to leave: the young couple  had to return to the university. Ilona, ​​with great difficulty and quite casually found work in a local pub where at the very beginning of summer a local cleaning lady suddenly fell ill, did not dare to admit to the manager that she was going to quit late in the summer, because she did not say that she was only for a couple of months.. 

wwww1 1In former times, there was a beautiful custom in Russia of the betrothal of two lovers, who decided to tie themselves, as they used to say, “by marriage.” Alas, our people have lost so much in the years following the overthrow of the monarchy ... And today's young people are deprived of an excellent opportunity to stay in brides and grooms for some time before the wedding and fully enjoy these short period of getting to know each other..

wwww10And yet, despite a considerable number of single men and women, the Irish, like other nations in the rest of the world, create a family, because for the Irish the family comes first, and they hold on to each other all their lives, and help to siblings both in big and in small, even if they did not want to share toys in childhood ... The traditions of the clan Irish clans are strong today, in the 21st century, and there is hardly anything in the world that can break these very strong family ties.


According to my personal observations of the Irish, both men and women, from my conversations with them and analyzing the role of men and women in Irish society in general, for all the years that I have lived in my life, I have not heard so much confession - " I hesitate "(in English it is most often expressed by the words" I am shy "), from our men, as I happened to hear on the Emerald Island...


It was a beautiful spring morning, one of those rare on the Emerald Isle, when such a bright sun shines in the bright blue sky, a long-awaited spring is felt in the air, when irish summer promises its warmth ... I went outside during college breaks, and having found a quiet corner off the road, lay down on the grass behind tall trees, hoping to “catch” a little of such a volatile and unstable Irish sun ..

wwwwwalatriste by sethzep d5nexbqSeveral years ago, in one of the Moscow television programs, its participants quite seriously discussed the issue of the revival of duels in Russia. I listened to them and thought - would it really be possible - to solve controversial moments not by fighting, but to cause the offender to a duel, publicly throwing a glove at his feet and giving him the choice of weapon - a pistol or a sword, and wash off the shame from his name in an honest duel .. .

wwwwGraftonStreetDublinGETTYIreland is a country of amazingly beautiful and melodious music, and I guess I will not be mistaken if we call this people one of the most singing in the world. The Irish are distinguished by anxious and I would say - a very responsible attitude to the musical heritage of their people, a careful and professional attitude to the song, ballad and music in general ...




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