wwww576347 c507c363An infrequent guest on the Emerald Isle, summer, encouraged me to get on a bicycle and drive along my favorite route ... The weather has been magnificent for a few last  days, it's very warm and no rain and can't be better weather to leave finally the city, and have a wonderful few hours away from its civilization, touring the little-known places of the Emerald Island ... traveling in Ireland by car or bicycle
.. So, my new column was born:
 ''Backstreests of Emerald Isle''

wwww1024px Phoenix Park Dublin 16A child of urbanization, I lived in capitals all my life ... I was born and raised in Moscow, lived in Riga for many years, now Dublin ... But until now I can’t stop wondering that riding a bike on small roads in non-central districts of Dublin, I meet foxes and raccoons crossing the road, not to mention the fact that squirrels settled on a huge tree in the yard of my house and I see from the window how they jump along the branches, scaring the ubiquitous and haunting forty ...

wwww400Sligo3Hot summer air burst into the open windows of the car, filled with the scent of fields and the approaching ocean. We crossed Ireland from East to North-West, at a good speed for 3 hours, and the road sign indicated that our destination -

Sligo - 25 km left to reach...


gggsligo 1And, of course, one cannot talk about Sligo without saying that this region is called the land of William Butler Yeats, the great son of the Irish people, the poet, the Nobel Prize Winner. A native of Dublin, he spent his childhood years always here, in the family of his relatives, and later, becoming world-famous, he again and again came to Sligo to find poetic inspiration ...

wwww2Continuing to discover the Emerald Isle for myself every day, one of my personal revelations in Ireland was that this small country was engaged in breeding thoroughbred horses of the highest class, and connoisseurs and experts from all over the world come to the island to buy these highborn horses, including and from Russia ..

wwwwrsz 20170421 164057 e1493571345290Geographically, Dublin - whether by chance or not - is located not far from the placer of hills in Wicklow County - Wicklow - which most naturally represent an ideal vacation spot, both for residents of the capital, and, of course, for tourists. With whole families, with friends or alone, we all - residents of the capital and its environs - often go for a day or the whole weekend in Wicklow.

wwww400Sligo3 Sometimes I think - how did the Irish people manage to preserve such amazing warmth and hospitality, having such a tragic history of English colonization and genocide? Where are the roots of this natural desire to always smile at you and to a simple question about the road to tell a lot more than we ask for and show this road and advise to see many other places interesting for tourists... Although I often hear from the Irish themselves that people in Dublin now differ from those who live in the outback. In one of the B & Bs in Sligo, where we stayed for the night, at breakfast the hostess complained that, unfortunately, the Irish became more mercantile. ..

wwwwimage 2I remember exactly when I first heard the word “Shannon” - it was the 80s, and “Aeroflot” began to make regular flights to Ireland and other countries, landing at Shannon airport. Going on a business trip to Ennis, I was not ready for a “meeting” with the famous airport, and the more interesting it was for me to see as much as possible, surveying it fromt he bus window ...But the name to the Airport was given with the name of the largest river of Emerald Island..






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