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Dear friends,

I would love to suggest for your kind attention my English/Russian Lessons  which I wrote  for both guests and visitors of my website, whether you're intending to buy my Books for building  genuine relationships with Russian Women or whether you would love to learn the Russian Language to go to my native country, to Russia to see the great and beautiful cities as Moscow and St - Petersburg ( the cities of this world which must be seen ) and if you can speak there in Russian - it will be a great experience:)

 Each lesson consists of 10 -12  very important phrases /sentences regards to a theme of the Lesson.

Very Important:  all the lessons includes my soundrecording.  That means you will be able not only to read but easier to learn with a right Russian pronunciation  listenenig to my voice.

 Dear friends, if you'd like to continue learning the Russian Language with me - you are more than welcome to contact me. I shall be delighted to teach you privately via Skype.

I wish you the best of luck in learning Russian,


Svetlana Kibalovova                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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Lesson 1 – How to Say «Hello!»      

Lesson 2 – How to Introduce yourself

Lesson 3 – How to Ask Her?             

Lesson 4 – Questions about family           

Lesson 5 - About Yourself                  

Lesson 6 – Asking Her

Lesson 7 – Hobbies and interests     

Lesson 8 – What does She Like? 

Lesson 9 – Her Preferences               

Lesson 10 – Travelling and Sports 

Lesson 11 – Shopping                       

Lesson 12 - How & When to Say                                                                                                                                              

Lesson 13 – Family Life   

Lesson 14 – How to  propose to her

Lesson 15 - Some Shorts Words     

Lesson 16 -  The Numerals 

Lesson 17 -  The Russian Alphabet   

Lesson 18 -  The Aspects of Russian Pronunciation

Lesson 19 -  The Rules of Russian Proninciation

Lesson 20 -   How to Learn Russian ASAP?


These are some samples for you, my friends, to understand the way my Lessons look like.

Russian Text English Text Press these words to listen to soundtrack

Я тебя люблю!

I love you!

Ya luybluy tebya!

Я очень тебя люблю!

I love you very much!

Ya ochen’ tebya lyublyu!

Я не могу без тебя жить

I can not live without you!

Ya ne mogu zhit’ bez tebya

Я постоянно думаю о тебе

I am thinking of you all the time!

Ya postoyanno o tebe dumaiyu

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