wwwirish famineEndless wars with the British for several centuries, famine that lasted for years, empty, lifeless cities, forced emigration of more than 2 million Irish people, after which the population of the nation could not recover from those tragic times in the history of the Irish people ... .



Irish Genocide 

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And only the monks kept the Catholic faith on the island and carried it to their disadvantaged flock, as well as the initial and necessary knowledge in writing and reading, often hiding among the most faithful parishioners under pain of death. The influence of the church helped to unite the people and not to forget about its origins, in spite of the brutally repressed by the British all sorts of riots and uprisings against the English colonization. All of this is the blood of a people's watered pages of a tragecial history of the country.The first invasion of the English fell on the beginning of the 12th century, the year one thousand one hundred seventy first. A long period of colonial conquest of the island began, interspersing with small and large uprisings, successive successions, attempts to reach an agreement, deception, ethnic and religious strife, flight, hunger, death- all what people call by  one word ''genocide''.

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The British invasion took away from Ireland almost every opportunity for independent development and threw off the cultural, economic, social development of the Iranian people centuries ago. Trying to establish a system in Ireland similar to that in Wales, or, later, in India, the British ruthlessly suppressed any likelihood of cultural growth and economic freedom: they simply starved, taking out most of the harvest. The peasants died out in families, unable to pay the tax or duty. Discrimination of the population today seems to be something incredible: artisans in Dublin could take only Englishmen as pupils, and the baker was forbidden to let the Irish bread go.

But the Irish did not think to put up with it. One of the longest uprisings that holds history was the Ulster uprising (an important major province of Ireland). It then swept the whole country, but like many before and after it, it was cruelly broken after 8 years. Smashed by one of the most important figures in English history - Oliver Cromwell.

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Indeed, those who wanted to gain the glory of state and military men of England were ready to fight the battlefield on a platter - go to Ireland and defeat another uprising: these red-faced bullies become amusing in their stubbornness ...

However, the “redheads” were not just stubborn. They fought for every shred of their long-suffering country to the last, for freedom and independence, which they would recapture in a few centuries, but for now ... Ireland was conquered and turned into a disenfranchised English colony for several centuries.

In Ireland, in every county, if you wish, you can find such a patch of land that can tell a terrible story of the struggle against the colonialists, and the example of the city of Sligo is only a vivid confirmation of this. Listen to the history of this city and the region where it originated, and you will understand a lot.


The official visit of the Queen of England to Ireland in 2011 did not change the existing state of affairs - the United Kingdom, in the official speech of Elizabeth II, expressed only ''sympathy'' about what happened to millions of Irish people, but this regret does not oblige the monarch to anything - to pay off considerable contribution to the Irish for the centuries of british invasion.

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