wwwshamrock plants 640x360The unofficial symbol of Ireland is the shamrock petals, or the "shamrock" in English.For centuries it has traditionally been used in medicine, it is customary to give each other and pin in the days of St. Valentine and St. Patrick, it is covered with secrets and legends, and still popularly they say - it brings great luck ...




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Rescuing the children during the World War II

Not alone once already traveling on the most beautiful mountain roads in co. Wicklow, I recently opened a place called Glencree near the cozy town with the beautiful name Enniskerry, in which important historical events took place in different years, and they involved me in an Internet journalistic investigation in order to find an explanation for some events of the past and try to understand the course of history. I argue in the universal sense of being - what is done by people to harm, and what - to glory, and what we leave behind ...

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The River in Glencree, in the mountains of Wicklow

For me, a long time remained a mystery - why Ireland did not participate in the Second World War, when, in fact, the whole world fought on the one on the other side? What is it - the peasant calculus - to stay alive, taking a neutral position, on the principle - "my hut with the edge", or something else? But as the Irish themselves explained to me, after the wars and uprisings against the English, which lasted for centuries, after the terrible famine of the 40s-50s of the last century, when half of the inhabitants of the island simply died out, by the beginning of the Second World War, among the male population, few remained fit for military service because of the general emigration of the Irish to different parts of the world.


Indeed, it is hard to believe that the Irish did not take part in the last world war because of national cowardice, when at all times they were famous for their courage, and in the Irish Parliament today is the green banner of volunteers who fought in America in a civil war between the North and the South, which the US President Kennedy presented to the Republic of Ireland in high esteem before the dead Irish soldiers. But remaining on the side of the military roads of the second world, Ireland did not remain indifferent to human troubles, and became the second home for children dying from physical exhaustion, and for some of them - forever the second homeland. The terrible consequences of that war were especially hard on children in many European countries born in the war years.

Together with nemetskimii Irish companions '' Red Cross '' was taken from Germany, Poland and France to "emerald" the island more than 1,000 children is 5 to 10 years. These children were not orphans, but their parents in the first post-war years were unable to feed them. The program to save the children of the military generation was called Operation Shamrock, and lasted from 1945 to the 1950s.

On the walls of one of the stone huts dating back to British soldiers in Gleencree in the 19th century to crush Irish resistance, where they lived and had children, now hanging pictures, telling about the time - mute witnesses of years, became the biggest success in their childhood, because it was the main thing is the life. Among many documents I read a certificate in which a German woman signs in her confidence to send her daughter, Ingrida 9 years, to Ireland for 6 months. But the children stayed on the emerald island for at least a year. a special diet to the child's body accustomed again to a normal diet, so it is necessary as a child, and a nurse from the French '' Red Cross '' engaged with them in the school curriculum, and for some time to replace the parents has been developed for them. The years spent in the 'Emerald Isle' ', were not lost on some of them, and in his native Germany, having forgotten the German language, and becoming alien even in their own families, they were sad for Ireland and then went back to the island to stay forever.

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The rescued children lived in this house, in Glencree

The geographic location of the island, its fertile land and mild climate, for its centuries-old history, Ireland has served both a bad and a good service. Hospitable and sympathetic, the Irish themselves served as an object of expansion and aggression, and buried foreign soldiers in their land from warships, killed by German submarines off the coast of the island, and received and warmed foreign children in their homes in difficult postwar years for many European countries. Perhaps it was in the hidden place of people from Gleencree, in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, looking at the walls with yellowed pictures and reading the letters of the recovered children, I found the answer, why the Irish were one of the first to respond to our Chernobyl tragedy, and why later many years after it, many of them voluntarily continue to care for sick children, children of Chernobyl, and "Operation" Shamrock "can be said, in a sense, continues today ...

   New places and discovered facts aroused my journalistic curiosity-I viewed everything on the Internet that was given a beautiful and melodic name - "Shamrock", and read about the American intelligence service - or rather, the spy program under the same name, and tried to find an etymological connection - as a linguist - why did the Americans also give their program the name "shamrock"? Apparently, they also believed that a magical plant would bring them luck and make that program successful. Today, one can only guess - to whom of American officers or military officials in C.I.A. it occurred to me to name the program for total surveillance of American citizens "Project" Shamrock "- many Americans have Irish roots and close kinship with Ireland, but they did not get luck and fame in that dirty business, as however - in virtually all of their aggressive as a war in Vietnam, or later in Iraq.

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The newspaper from the war's years

The Intelligence Agency of America used the methods of listening to telephone conversations of Nixon's political opponents such as actress Jane Fonda, scientist and peace fighter Martin Luther King, singer John Baez, children's doctor Benjamin Spock ... A total of 600 well-known Americans in the Nixon administration were " under the hood "and were considered" dangerous Americans. "

The wiretapping initiative was laid back during the Second World War, and the methods were used the same until the computerization of all information systems came to the service, which greatly facilitated the "work" for the agents of C.I.A. . The scandal broke out in 1975, and the whole of America, which considered itself the most democratic country in the world, was stirred up by indignation - more than 75,000 American citizens were subjected to illegal methods of listening to their private calls during the "shamrock" operation. But the flair did not deceive me, and I found what I expected to know - after a series of high-profile scandals and government investigations, one of the American journalists published an expository article and called it "Unlucky" Shamrock "- meaning that the green Irish shamrock did not bring luck to Americans an unseemly affair on the tapping of private telephone conversations and the search for "witches" in their own state.

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Again in Glencree - all together many years after the war

Everything becomes obvious, and sooner or later, we learn about many previously secret facts and documents. And the more pleasant it was for me to look at old and already yellowed photos of the rescued children and nurses of the Red Cross, and a small lamp that reminded me of the Eternal Fire in miniature burns and illuminates the faces of honest people who dedicated their lives for the benefit of saving the future generation Europe.





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