wwwwf61d8898a4a70e380adb578d254be04fI, perhaps, shall start with the words of the actor himself - a lifelong romantic, a chronic alcoholic ( somehow the tounge does not turn to call the great actor a hopeless drunkcard, nevertheless - this pernicious adoration has caused considerable damage to his health and from which he almost died), an ex-centric with an inexhaustible sense of Irish humor for all ocassions, whose witticisms and deep but not poisonous comments and comments spread all over th eworld as citations and with their own more than just an original vision of this world...As a teenager he wrote in his diary...

"I will not be an ordinary person. I will shake this monotonous world.''


 Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole

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Connemara - where Peter O'Toole was born and raised

Peter O'Toole was born in the most beautiful places of Connemara -Kanimar. There are two versions of the date of his birth, as well as the fact that he received two birth certificates, one was dated June 1932, the second - August, one issued in Ireland, the second - in England, because his parents moved his young son to England and his childhood passed in the industrial town of England Leeds - Leeds. Later the actor spoke of himself: "I did not come from the working class, I left the underworld." 'The Leeds environment was not just' difficult ', forgive the tautology, it was criminal. Three of the friends of his childhood, with whom he played, became criminals and were hanged for murder.

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Peter O'Toole and his wife Karen with their new-born son Lorcan

He traveled without a watch and wallet, never locked his house and did not take the keys from him, saying at the same time: "I hope some bastards will find something to profit in my house .." He was stopped by the police once when he tried to break into his own house and why he had to give explanations ...

His mother Connie, a Scotch by birth, instilled in her son a love for books and reading, but his father, Patrick, a bookbinder by occupation, and an alcoholic in combination, had a much greater influence on little Peter. His understanding in the education of his son and in cultivating him as a man was very peculiar. Once he put the little Peter on a shelf above the fireplace and said: "Jump, son, trust your dad! I'll catch you ... '' When Peter jumped down, his father spread his arms and Peter fell face down on the stone floor. The lesson was this, as his father explained this cruel deed: "Never trust any bastards on the ground." It's hard to say whether the daddy drinking showed an example to the maturing Peter or O'Toole himself could not stand the materialism of this life without a definite the number of alcohol promises in their veins ... Once, after visiting his son in London, Patrick O'Toole found Peter lying on the floor in a hotel room, drunk to bits. His father tried to lift his son off the floor and drag him onto the bed, but without success. Eventually, he joined Peter and settled himself on the floor next to the bottle in his hand. This '' sweet couple '' is often seen, drinking together.

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The state of his health left much to be desired, and although little Peter already knew how to read at the age of 3, he could not attend school regularly until he grew up and grew stronger, but at the age of 13 he left school without any certificates and started working in a sales campaign second-hand Jaguars ... Probably Peter O'Toole is one of the very few Irishmen who was not entirely friends with the money ... he left this occupation, in which he did not succeed very much, and went into the reporters ...
Beginning his life in the newspaper, he also quickly abandoned the journalist's inappropriate work for him, saying at the same time:

"I will not write about different events in the lives of great people. I myself will become an event. ''

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And he did it.

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Starring in the movie ''How to steal a Million''

Who will be able to give an accurate definition of the expression that we hear about every time artists are nominated for a prize - '' The Sexiest Actor / Actress ''? In the past, artists did not think about sexy appearance. In the world of the art of cinema and theater, a slightly different atmosphere reigned, and in order to appear in films and play on stage, the artists needed not only an extraordinary talent, but also the presence of a characteristic appearance and the presence of this very character, which is called a word - personality - that in general, you will agree, it is not exactly the same thing that the appearance is "sexy", as we are talking about so much today, in order to keep us with you, spectators, with the beautiful appearance of the hero / heroine, already propagated by advertising campaigns, if the film's script is known is bad. It is not for nothing that the Museums of wax figures of world-famous artists use it, where people who come to take a look at their favorite heroes can secretly touch the dummy and leave with the feeling that they allegedly touched their extraordinary life. Reflecting on the changing world of art and cinema, in particular, I think that Peter O'Toole could effortlessly sell his appearance, having received from nature unconventional physical data, not particularly bothering himself with a talented game that often these days make beautiful artists, when in order to profit the cinema exploits their sexy appearance. But, probably, great artists therefore become Great, that, in addition to beautiful appearance, they have a character, which, in the final analysis, and allocates them from the crowd ...

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Getting  The Prize for the Best Man's Role - (I will allow myself to say : typical :))

Soon after Peter O'Toole had said goodbye to the Yorkshir Evening Post, he was called to serve in the Navy of Her Majesty the signalman. One day one of the officers asked him what he would like to become, and Peter O'Toole answered that he always felt the urge to be a poet or an actor. From 1952 to 1954 Peter O'Toole attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) after he was rejected by the famous '' Abbey Theater '' in Dublin because of ignorance of the Irish language. According to Peter O'Toole himself, the class in which he studied for a few years in the art of acting was the most unforgettable in the Royal Academy, and indeed, other talented actors came out of the same issue, which later became equally famous and recognized.

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Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn in the film ''How to steal a Million''

He began to play on the stage of theaters and very soon was recognized as an unsurpassed dramatic hero in Shakespeare's plays ... But playing the role of Thomas Edward Lawrence, an English officer whose personal involvement in the rebellion of the Arab tribes in the war against the Ottoman Empire in 1916-18 is impossible to overestimate, in the same film by David Lean - David Lean - brought him fame all over the world. The role of Lawrence, which was rejected by Marlon Brando and Albert Fini, is hard to imagine in anyone else's performance, now that we are watching this film ... The role of Lawrence in the film "Lawerence of Arabia" was noted as the best among 100 others presentations by the magazine '' Premiere '' and brought the young O'Toole his first award as the best actor.

Peter O'Toole quickly became a mega-movie star, and in my opinion, this is perhaps the only actor who can forgive all the "quirks" of world-famous stars that many famous artists, singers and other creative people sin, and that does not cause other feelings, as soon as irritation, if you agree in this with me. In my opinion, his natural eccentricity, coupled with the originality of his thinking, is absolutely natural for his behavior as a small but very capable child who is still ... just small ... and so he gets away with everything.

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One of his first roles in the cinema was a small role in the film '' Kidnepped '' in 1959. On his first working day Peter O'Toole did not show up, and the disgruntled administration of the '' Walt Desney '' campaign sent him another actor to the hotel. When the messenger saw Peter sleeping, he exclaimed: '' Peter, you're already 45 minutes late! '' In response, he heard - '' And the car has already arrived? ''. ''No''. "There's no car, no, no," O'Toole said and fell back into his pillow again. From the very day where O'Toole was shot, '' Rollce-Royce '' always expected him to take him to the set. An interesting detail about the actor - Peter Ottle himself, according to the stories of his relatives, was, to put it mildly, not a very cautious driver. Once he appeared in a sports car to impress his girl, with a cry - '' Grab the passport and jump, we're leaving! '' The purpose of that trip was Rome, but having mixed up the turn, the travelers found themselves in Yugoslavia. Once having ridden with Peter, his acquaintances no longer wanted to put themselves at risk, calling the style of his driving maniacal. Peter Othoul and the cars did not become best friends ...

Peter O'Toole became the first and only as yet an actor who was twice nominated for Oscar - for the performance of the same role of King Henry II - The King Henry II - in two different films: '' Becket '' in 1964 and '' The Lion in Winter '' in 1968.
During his long acting career, Peter O'Toole was nominated 8 times for the Oscar award, but never received this prize. But in 2003 the Academy of Art awarded Peter O'Toole the Academy Honorary Award for his outstanding contribution to the world cinema, thereby singling out Peter O'Toole among all the other famous artists of the past 20 and 21 centuries, to which The 70-year-old artist reacted in his usual manner, sending a letter to the Academy with the words: "Guys, I'm still in the game!"

2002 03 honorary otoole streep

Honorary Award recipient, with a presenter Meryl Streep 

The filmography of Peter O'Toole - is huge, not to mention all the plays in which he played in the theaters of the world. And my goal is not the description of these films and plays, especially since I will never see Peter O'Toole on stage or in a new film, but there is one very beloved film about which I remembered before I started to view many materials about his life and work, it's possible that many of you also saw Peter O'Toole in this film ... I'm talking about the movie - 'Murphy's War' - where Peter O'Toole is playing the role of the Irishman Murphy, who remained the only survivor after the total and aiming spread of the German submarine English a military ship, and who begins his personal war with the submarine and closes the account on the day of the end of World War II, thus having avenged all his dead comrades ...

I deliberately chose this photo from a very short episode of the film, in which the only assistant on the island, a French engineer who is brilliantly played by Philippe Noire, left by his company at the post to guard all technical equipment, and who at the beginning of the film tells Murphy that he asked for to the war to fight the fascists, but the company did not let him go, and now he leaves Murphy and walks along the river bank, in fact, throws his friend, because the radio just announced the end of Second World Warfare, and Murphy looks after him and tries to get him back: "I can not manage without you!"

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Starring in the film ''Murphy's war''

The expression of these blue eyes known to the whole world ... how much despair and fear in them that Peter O'Toole does not try to hide ... but people who visited the war say the truth: "Everyone is afraid, this is natural, only not all can overcome this fear. '' In this role, where by coincidence of circumstances
 Peter O'Toole plays the Irishman, I see the manifestations of the actor's personal qualities - his unconditional romanticism, as a deep, sincere belief in the values ​​that are inherent in all honest people, wherever they live and whatever religion they profess. You do not need to be Peter O'Toole to fight your own every day, if we want to achieve something in this life and change this world for the better.

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Starring in ''Murphy's War''

Peter O'Toole stopped starring and acting in the theater just a few years before his death, he lived alone in his home in London very quietly and died in 2013 on the 14th of December, leaving us all with films in which his whole multi-faceted personality has revealed, and in which he has always remained himself - a man who is capable of acting, which would not follow, as a confirmation that only man himself is the yardstick of everything on earth and only he chooses - what to leave behind and in this he is his own Supreme Court ..He petrified the death as

Once the journalists asked Peter O'Toole:

- Are you afraid of death?

- Petrified - he answered.

 - Why?

 - Because there is no future in it - he said.

I disagree at this point with the Great Actor and Great Man - I believe tha Peter O'Toole did leave the future, not for himself but for all us - the people who are living now and who will be living years and years more. And our ''Thank you''  will be never enough to express all our gratitude to the Great Irish Actor.

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You can not  forever say ''goodbye!'' to those, who are in your heart , while you are alive yourself in this world.




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