Kieran SDU 2111My articles often arise from casual conversations with strangers, much about the history and modernity of Ireland was written under the influence of such meetings. This article would not have been written, if not for a chance meeting with Kieran Wade at one of the conferences, I was interested in his work, which is to make topographic maps of Ireland. Those same cards that are hard to live without on the road, whether we are traveling on an emerald island or looking for an unfamiliar street.



 OSi -Natioanal Mapping Agency of Irelnad

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Main entrance in OSi in Phoenix Park, Dublin

Mankind has always wanted to know, but what is there, beyond the horizon? Hundreds of years before Our Era, people made attempts to map maps, often they were just a rock painting left for future offspring ... Pioneers of distant and new lands, travelers and seafarers, information about unfamiliar terrain was scrupulously collected and carefully kept associated with a risk to life .. In those very distant times, maps were a source of valuable information about lands that stored gold and precious metals, the search for which in 14-15 centuries One hundred was the true reason for discovering new lands, these maps were not accessible to everyone, were kept in the strictest secrecy and were inherited in the families of navigators, in monasteries among traveling missionary monks, at royal yards. The first acquaintance with a new area or water area was often superficial, it gave rise to the most fantastic ideas about distant countries and peoples, and subsequent researchers had with considerable difficulties and risk to life to refine and supplement the first information, nan Sit on a map outline of coastlines, twisting rivers, mountain location. .. So in the ancient world the science of geography developed from century to century and soon maps became an indispensable and necessary part of it.

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Aerial survey for future maps

Like many of our readers, I also use local road maps, and I always keep maps of Dublin and Ireland in a car, without hands — like without hands, it can be said without exaggeration, so I have to drive a lot by work, but I have to admit that I didn’t even suspect of the existence of the Irish National Cartographic Agency Ordnance Survey, which is comfortably located in all of us, our beloved Phoenix Park, and which will celebrate its 200th anniversary in just a few years.

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From my article for ''Nasha Gazeta'':

I looked at Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) and talked to Kiran. I went to Phoenix Park, where all the offices of this cartographic department are located. So let me introduce you to a graph with over 25 years of experience, Kieran Wade.


- Kieran, Ordnance Survey was founded so long ago, in 1824, and my first question is quite legal — how were maps made in those days and by whom did they claim?

--The history of the foundation of our cartographic Agency goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, then it, of course, was not a cartographic agency in the modern sense of the word.

Its history is closely intertwined with the history of our country, when the English lords wanted to know and keep information about the Irish lands they had conquered. The best cartographers at all times have always been seafarers and the military, and they were the first maps of the land, roads and surrounding areas around the castles of those Englishmen who settled in Ireland. Ordnance Survey was based on the basis of modern technologies that serve us now. But before that, of course, there was no chi, people walked around the area, measured the distance with simple devices and drew the first cards by hand, they were printed on not very high-quality paper.

- When you start making a regular map, what sources of information are available to you today?

“Some of our employees work with ultra-precise instruments on the ground, and a modern cartographer needs knowledge of trigonometry and geodesy, I also often travel with my colleagues if there is a need to double-check information. We drive in a car with maps in our hands and recheck on the ground how accurately the information entered into the base of our computer system is true. This is a necessary part of our work. And my direct job is to create a layout of a certain section of a future map on a computer, I use all the data in our system for this, including photos of aerial surveys.

“You showed me a few buildings that house OSi.” How many offices in the Agency and if there is a difference in their work, then what is it?

- In OSi several offices, we make maps not only of a generally accepted nature, which have always existed, but also try to satisfy other people's information needs. These are maps from the Special Interest Maps - Medieval Dublin, Killarney National Park, The Wicklow Way series and many others that are addressed to both tourists and the Irish population. Our other series is Ieland’s Series- Irelland Culture map, Ireland Driving map and others.

- In Ireland, there are several map agencies, your competitors. Is there something that distinguishes the work of OSi and how is it still useful to people?

- In our country there is one of the most remarkable sources for the exploration of wind energy. And it is our agency that can make maps that contain information about wind speed, the transfer of electricity to specific areas of Ireland. This very important information is simply invaluable, especially in the period of storms and floods, that is, we can warn our people in those particular regions where the elements are especially raging.

- Kieran, what practical application can your cards still have for, say, an ordinary person? Well, for me, for example, in addition to all the benefits during my trips by car?

- Very important! In the courts, there are often debaters about the redistribution of land for construction, and if the judge cannot make a decision, the only correct one, then we are sent an official request to provide information about the exact boundaries of this particular plot of land, and if it is you who appear in court as a plaintiff our agency will help you in protecting the rights to a plot of land if you have, of course, all the official documents of ownership. But at the beginning, like me and gossip maps. Exact maps. And if you or someone in our country has a problem with a landowner when buying, using land, or building a residential house or a commercial building, then our agency will be able to find documents on which it is easy to find out who is right in the dispute the earth.

- And a little more about the history of the creation of your Agency. Did you say that OSi was created on the basis of one military unit?

- Yes, it's true. Because it was precisely and only the military at that far time that possessed both special knowledge and experience in building roads on different terrains, not to mention that they had the most necessary tools to pave the way for the army on the terrain and put the same route to the military map. By the way - the cards were always classified in a certain sense, and the first navigators in general handed over maps from generation to generation to their sons, as a legacy of their ancestors. Cards,

Thanking Mr. Wade for the interesting conversation, I walked around the Agency and around Phoenix Park, where it all started for OSi so many years ago ...

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The Team of OSi - these people work for us

.P. S. I will not be able to provide readers with more interesting photos telling about the work of this Cartographic Agency of Ireland, because its work is not fully publicized, as you, my friends, understand. But when you have a chance to come to Phoenix Park for a walk with your family or friends, you can easily find its location by the sign on one of the main roads of the park and see with your own eyes everything that I cannot show you here.




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