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 "Can you understand all this? And will your article be interesting to the readers of your newspaper? ... Yes, the Irish are embarrassed - he took the money. But who cares now? It's been a long time ago ... "- from my conversation with an Irish lawyer from a respectable and oldest law firm in Dublin.

 The Premier Who Acted Unlawfully

Ward Spicy Det Oct 1937

Detectives are different, and not necessarily someone to kill - at the will of the author in the fate of the protagonist there are intricacies, sometimes pohlesche other murders. And while the Irish press fills the first pages of central newspapers with articles on crimes committed on a small island, with the former maniacal insistence, the prime minister's case is the loudest today among all offenses in the outgoing year, and newspapers, radio and TV commentators "watch" as developments are unfolding in this "Irish saga" with detective stuffing, which, in fact, has been going on for more than a year.

I would not like to appear to readers as the "Monsieur" who is barking at the elephant, for me Bertie Ahern is deeply sympathetic as a statesman and servant of the people, and I find his actions in the political life of Ireland thought-out and wise - the third term as prime minister - it's not an accident, but it turns out that despite the well-known proverb, the winner is judged !, and I want to draw our readers' attention to some curious aspects in this matter, and you'll make your own conclusions.


So, the preamble: in 1990, an amount of 50,000 Irish pounds was contributed to Bertie Ahern's account.

The first point is why the investigation began about the personal contributions of the prime minister and who benefits from it in the Irish Parliament?

Today, it is no secret to anybody that very important and fateful political decisions are often made on the sidelines, or as they say, "lobbied". "Lobby" in English means "hallway, vestibule". And if from you, who occupies an important position and who has weight in his political party, may have something to depend on - well, you understand ... Power and money - as in the song of Bulat Okudzhava - "... two eternal roads."

The fact is obvious - a large sum was put in the AIB bank at the expense of Bertie Ahern. For 13 months from 1994 to 95, in general, according to Bertie Ahern, he was given cash of 68,000 pounds sterling. Where from? According to the Prime Minister himself, this money was donated by his wealthy friends and businessmen to support the main party in the country, and he categorically denies this fact as a bribe to him - Mayor of Dublin and a member of the ruling party. In the case, the name of Michael Wall, a businessman from Manchester, Michael Wall, who in 1994 brought back £ 28,000 to Dublin, was put up and this money was put by Miss Celia Larkin at Bertie's account and converted into Irish pounds. It is clear to ordinary Irishmen, as a matter of fact, how to move big politics without money. But a certain housewife from Limerick speaking on the radio is unclear - why Mr. Ahern did not say so and she is genuinely surprised - why was it necessary to hide it altogether? An interesting point of view, is not it?

The court summoned and employees of the bank, and former party associates and friends, and all "scratch reputable." Many years have already passed, and mandatory retention periods for documents on customer deposits have expired, and today - in 2007 - the banking workers themselves are already confused and can not recall or clearly explain many details with that ill-fated contribution. And, as it were, not to be a perjurer in the highest judicial instance, and, as it were, not to harm the Prime Minister with his testimony. The situation is delicate.

bertie denial

All would be nothing if the secret springs on the sidelines, which I mentioned, did not work - representatives of big business bought up real estate, earned money on it and made "injections" into the policy of the ruling "Fianna Fail", dictating to the rest the terms " games "and staying in the shadows. Let me remind you that this conservative party in Ireland is in power - not one decade.

To whom is this investigation beneficial? Yes, all the same to her political opponents, who are trying to "dig up" compromising material on the Prime Minister, and who also want to "do" political weather. That only begs the question - what kind of weather and how this will affect the standard of living of ordinary Irish people.

Point two - look for a woman!lesli


The woman did not have to search long. Her photos are again in many media.

For many years of relations with Bertie Ahern, Miss Selia Larkin first publicly broke the silence and appeared in court with her testimony. And as she recently took out in the headline "Irish Independent" - "Today Bertie will listen to every word of Celia." The judge's question was extremely simple - "How, you, dear, do not remember the day when your friend's money was taken off and strolled along O'Connell street with £ 50,000 in cash?"

Their personal relationship lasted 15 years, they first met when Bertie was Mayor of Dublin, and the enamored woman rightly expected all these long years of official bidding. But ... After separating from his family, the future prime minister did not think to get divorced, realizing how his divorce would affect the number of votes of ordinary Catholics. However, this did not prevent him from using all these years of Celia in his "political" games and from time to time to appear with her in public. In 2001, many Irish priests declined the invitation to attend the banquet organized by this couple. Bertie invited the presentation of the Catholic Cardinal Desmond OConnell (Desmond O'Connell). Cardinal visited the "party" with great reluctance, kept cold and impartially spoke about the double life of Bertie-in the eyes of all Irish people, the prime minister tried to remain a good family man. When Bertie was elected for the second term of the premiership, the editor of one of the Irish newspapers spoke absolutely straightforwardly: "People have elected him again, so why should he not put the wedding ring on Celia's finger?"

Celia 10

Они остались друзьями, как говорят в подобных случаях. Великий ирландец  Оскар Уайльд заметил – «Мужчина и женщина могут быть друзьями только после того, как они были любовниками».  Но думается мне, что многие ирландцы искренне сочувствуют этой нежной и красивой женщине, которая любила Берти «not wisely but too well», и которая «похоронила» себя после их расставания в сountry.

Ничем я вас, дорогие читатели, конечно, не удивила – сюжет в этом «детективе» стар, как сам мир со дня его сотворения – деньги, неразделенная любовь, жажда власти, подкупы и продажность. Этот политический процесс, который длится уже долгое время, сегодня всем показывает, что демократическое государство –Ирландия -пытается бороться с коррупцией, дабы вовсе в ней не погрязнуть. Каков будет в итоге вердикт  Mahon Tribunal – рано или поздно,  все узнают.

Но возможно ли изменить одним судебным решением устройство мира?

Bertie Ahern and Bill Clinton 2000 03 17

In jurisprudence there is a term - for the prescription of years. This means - you can not be afraid of being punished, if you once, well, very long ago, wronged the law. In all civilized world there is a secret of personal deposits, but even in me, in my bank or tax department at the end of the year, when filling out the income declaration, they will ask how the amount of money appeared on my account and I will have to prove honest ways the origin of this money.

As for me, I would forgive Mr. Ahern. Yes - he took money, rebuilt the building where his party "Fianna Fail" was located, peasantly calculating every penny from all those sums - for elections, for party comrades, for a plebiscite ... And thank God that not was found in Ireland, the local "Khodorkovsky", which would have to take this small island to his hands - once to spit, and then it is not known - how would live ordinary Irish. And the office of Bertie Ahern during his years as prime minister and the leadership of the conservative Fianna Fail led Ireland to economic prosperity, and according to the latest statistics, the emerald island in terms of GDP per capita is in the 5th place in the world, , and America.

Yes .... Not at all what is happening in the political and economic life of Ireland today, many years after this loud and beautiful, in the sense of its complete openness to all scandal with corruption, with love, with an age-old desire to sit on two chairs, and in the case of Bertie, who loved a luxurious and beautiful life, I would put it - he tried to fit in two armchairs. Alas, it did not work.

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