wwww1 1In former times, there was a beautiful custom in Russia of the betrothal of two lovers, who decided to tie themselves, as they used to say, “by marriage.” Alas, our people have lost so much in the years following the overthrow of the monarchy ... And today's young people are deprived of an excellent opportunity to stay in brides and grooms for some time before the wedding and fully enjoy these short period of getting to know each other..



 Irish Wedding

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Traditional Irish Proposal at Cliffs of Moher - Ben and Lauren

More often our children are in a hurry jump into bed, no other way to call it. I will allow to cite here the words of A. S. Pushkin, who, as far back as the 19th century, aptly defined this degree of relationship for the young generation and his time: 

''They are in a hurry to live and hurry to feel." And without even realizing it, they are missing in their lives the unforgettable moments of the opening of their second half gradually, which ultimately will help protect themselves from irreparable mistakes in family, very responsible relationships..

But here in Ireland, the tradition of engagement - "Engagement" - has been preserved, and is an indispensable condition in the relationship of a couple in love. Tell me - what can be more beautiful when a girl receives a ring from her beloved, as a sign of his love and a marriage proposal?
"Will you marry me?" - asks her beloved young man with a tremor in his heart and with the thought - "And what if she does not love me and will not marry me?"

The time of engagement usually lasts two years, and probably this is quite  it’s enough for the couple to figure out how serious their feelings and attitudes towards marriage and family are. And if for a while we leave aside the question of finances, then I would like to talk about the traditions of the Irish wedding.

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 So, if you really want to know everything about a true Irish wedding, then ..

First, forget about the wedding orchestra of 12 musicians, gold rings and modern-cut suits and dresses, for you will need bagpipes, a kilt and a ring "The Claddagh Ring", which is both an angegment and a wedding, and is considered wrong if the bride or groom buy it for themselves - this ring should only be given!


There are signs on the wedding day -

if on the morning of the wedding day the sun peeps out and it looks at the happy bride, then with its rays it will bring only great luck to her family life. It is also not forbidden to meet precisely and only three magpies - I will tell about superstitions about forty in a separate article, and the man, but not the woman, should be the first to congratulate the young after the wedding.

Once upon a time, when people did not have enough shoes, but the Irish men still wanted to bring their wife and mistress into the house, it was probably difficult to survive a long ceremony in the church with bare feet on the stone floor. in his memory, the cases when the grooms disappeared, without waiting for the end of the solemn ceremony, while the priest uttered all the necessary words. So from those very early days, it was charged with the honorable duty of a friend of the groom to lock the doors of the church so that the bridegroom with his feet cold could not slip away and not leave his bride in disgrace at the altar

What a bride without a lace garter, which the groom must remove with his teeth from her feet! The color scheme of this trifle can be green, white or gold. If you do not want a garter on your wedding stocking, it is not forbidden to wear a lace veil or throw a lace cape or train over your shoulders over your dress.

The wedding menu at the Irish Wedding is homemade soda bread, served with corned beef and cabbage, and to all this guests are offered a large amount of whiskey and guinness beer.



And the most important thing at the wedding feast will be the Irish toast for the newlyweds, who begins to say one of the guests, and thus all those invited to the wedding wish the young people happiness:

"It is a pleasure to see you here" - "We are glad to see you here." together. When many years have passed since that day, your memories of this beautiful day will remain with you forever and will belong only to you two. We drink this honey and ask the Lord to bless you and not leave you to care every day of your life. "

 And after all the guests say these words:7

 "It’s always your bestness."

 "On this special day of your life, we all wish you to take with you all the good from the past and only the best in the new. God bless you, who drink this honey, and may you never know the need!"


And may our long life with you be like the Irish Sea, sometimes restless, but beautiful - always

For many nations, the first month of life of a young husband and wife is called a honeymoon. In English, the term “honey moon” is used in modern vocabulary, which in Irish sounds like - “mi na meala”.

After their wedding, the bride and groom were supposed to give a large amount of wedding honey - "mead" - in English and "meala" - in Irish, in Slavic - "honey" - and special cups,

which the young had to share with each other during their honeymoon, and the deep and true meaning of this custom was that the drink would begin the fertility and long life of the young family. 

And of course, an Irish wedding cannot be celebrated without the famous Irish dance "The Lord of Dance" ...

Well, it's about time for us to learn how to dance Irish jig!

8And may  God bless you!




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