According to my personal observations of the Irish, both men and women, from my conversations with them and analyzing the role of men and women in Irish society in general, for all the years that I have lived in my life, I have not heard so much confession - " I hesitate "(in English it is most often expressed by the words" I am shy "), from our men, as I happened to hear on the Emerald Island...



 Irish Guys are tend to feel shy?

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Moreover, I, as a Russian woman born and raised in Russia, simply could not imagine that a man can be timid, shy by virtue of her very nature.

I certainly and absolutely admit the existence of shy people in general, do not get me close. But the culture of my country lays a fairly straightforward basis for raising a born boy.

“Do not cry, you're a man!” - say both father and mother to a five-year-old baby. I try to imagine a young man or a mature man in Russia who could squeeze out of himself: “I’m embarrassed” - read - “I’m afraid of them” when his family, friends or colleagues tried to push him to meet a girl.

 When I first heard how the Irishman said about himself - "I am shy" - to be honest, I felt sorry for him deeply in my soul. When I began to hear it quite often, I became thoughtful, trying to understand and define for myself - but is it compatible with the very nature of men, no matter in which part of the world it was born?

 I have already mentioned that, by their social nature, Irish women are quite aggressive. The explanation for this is and it is very simple. During endless wars, when the woman was entirely responsible for preserving the hearth and children, for housing, Irish women could not help establish this instinct to protect themselves and their children, and in the modern world to continue to behave aggressively at work, making a career and achieving a better future for your family. (One should not confuse such aggressive role-playing social behavior of women and perceive them as rudeness; exceptional politeness and internal intelligence are inherent in the Irish people.)

 Between Irish men and women is not considered shameful or shameful, if the girl herself first goes to the young man who likes her. This can happen anywhere - at school, at a disco, in a pub ... Somehow talking to Russian girls from Ossetia, I asked if they went to dance at the disco clubs to meet young people, and they told me that they walk, but their behavior is different from the behavior of Irish girls. While they are standing and waiting for the invitation of a man to dance, according to our culture, the Irish themselves approach the guys. I recently observed such a picture on the street, and everything in this episode was exactly the opposite, at least for me: the teenager stood against the wall, his head down, and the girl hung over him, leaning his hands on the wall.

When I spoke with Irish men, that we have not accepted a woman to be the first to approach guys at dances, for example, it is done only by the licentious representatives of the fair sex, that our men will not respect such a girl by using her, they sincerely wondered - what In this bad, if the girl first gives obvious signs to the one who liked her?

 This is one possible factor and explanation for the fact that there are so many single men in Ireland. The second possible, and also in my opinion unusual for us and our culture, is the education of the youngest son in the Irish family. The Irish have many children, before the family of 15 to 20 people had very many, plus relatives from the side of the father and mother, so this is truly a clan tribe that in ancient and middle ages defended this particular family from extermination by the English soldiers. Today, families and clans are becoming somewhat smaller, with only four to five children.


I don’t know why, but the Irish women call their youngest son "my baby" and, accordingly, bring up - they indulge. (Our mothers also indulge their sons, but in Russia this is not customary and has never reached an absurd scale.) I learned about this maternal custom of Irish women in my first weeks in Ireland. At work in a pub, I talked at lunch with two Irish women, we were about the same age, and all of us had children who were old enough. My colleague talked about her youngest son, about his successes, and in the end she proudly said - "He is my baby, Svetlana." When I asked how old her baby was, sure that she was telling me about her latest child, she called the number 30. I even thought at first that I didn’t hear or understand something like that.

 The same theory of upbringing and attitude towards younger sons was confirmed by the Irish taxi driver, who somehow drove me to the airport, she complained about the spoiledness and selfishness of her husband, baby, whom she eventually kicked out of the house.

 The third possible explanation for this phenomenon in the life of Irish men and society as a whole: I quite likely admit the fact that many boys have suffered from sexual violence from holy fathers and continue to suffer in our day, I already wrote about it one of his previous articles is "Irish Catholicism and Pedophilia." read the article

In Ireland, closed schools and open public schools still exist at monasteries, where only boys study, and where the presence of holy fathers in the educational process is obligatory. I will not speak again about the harmful interference in the privacy of children with an immature psyche and the tragic consequences of their influence on the rest of their lives, so as not to repeat.





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