wwwwGraftonStreetDublinGETTYIreland is a country of amazingly beautiful and melodious music, and I guess I will not be mistaken if we call this people one of the most singing in the world. The Irish are distinguished by anxious and I would say - a very responsible attitude to the musical heritage of their people, a careful and professional attitude to the song, ballad and music in general ...



The Street for Pedestrians and Musicians

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The famous street in the center of Dublin is only for pedestrians and musicians.

A great many of them are capable of singing and playing any musical instrument, and folk talents are especially evident on the days of Irish favorite holidays, such as St. Patrick's Day and Christmas. In the pubs such artists perform, singers with such beautiful and rare voices that it is for this reason that I come on certain days to listen to groups I especially liked and favorite performers who would not be ashamed to perform in the most prestigious concert halls and world concert venues. .. In this regard, for me personally, living in Dublin is a pleasure for the soul ...

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In the capital of Ireland there are a lot of music stores, where my eyes just run up to the number of discs of various musical genres and traditions, where time stops when I start to go through all these rows and choose something definite is not easy for me, because I want to buy everything!

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In the center of the city there is a street along which no transport is allowed. movement, something like Arbat Street in Moscow, called this street. Grafton - the street itself is small, but it is very convenient to connect parts of the very center of Dublin. The most expensive boutiques are located here, and the rent for premises on this street can only increase, and it is written in contracts, it is not crowded with an abundance of tourists, but in the evening and on weekends especially, you can just come here to listen to street musicians which, to call street people somehow does not turn the language, because so many of the musicians working here are high-class professionals, and the singers have beautiful, set voices.

These are always amazing, live open-air concerts, if, of course, it does not rain, and they give so many positive emotions that having visited Grafton once, you will definitely come back here ... here you will hear the violin, the cello, the guitar, and the bagpipe ... and payment for your five minutes or an hour, if you are not in a hurry, the most democratic one ... I will talk a lot more about musical Ireland, about different song genres, about famous Irish ballads in which the songwriters tell about the uprisings of the Irish against colonization , about musical traditions and festivals that take place in other cities of Ireland, about concerts of world-famous performers who come to Dublin on tour, but today I want to start the upcoming series of my articles here about this street in the center of Dublin, to which I often I come specially or pass by which, if I am here on business, and I really want you to be able to see just a small piece of musical Ireland and have an idea about such musicians who perform for you in the open air go very hospitable city ...

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 Dear friends, you are welcome to watch my video from Grafton street which one my daughter Lana Sayan filmed for all of you. Enjoy your watching the Grafton street and llistening to lovely Irish music from Dublin.









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