wwwwwst patricks day3 e1489658786830At the end of August, the second month of my stay in Ireland, our housemates, a young couple of Polish students, Ilona and Michal, were about to leave: the young couple  had to return to the university. Ilona, ​​with great difficulty and quite casually found work in a local pub where at the very beginning of summer a local cleaning lady suddenly fell ill, did not dare to admit to the manager that she was going to quit late in the summer, because she did not say that she was only for a couple of months.. 



"There are no strangers here, but only friends who have not yet met"

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The pub ''Brady's Inn'' - my first job in Ireland

The girl sincerely believed that if she finds a replacement herself, then the manager's anger will not be so great and she will be paid until the last working day. The young people came for the sole purpose of making a profit for the summer in order to pay for their education in their native Warsaw, and for the girl every penny was extremely important. So it occurred to Ilona to offer me her place. I agreed, in the hospital I worked irregularly, from time to time, and this work was permanent.

The Brady's Inn was forever in my heart as my first permanent job in the early years of life in Dublin. Moreover, without exaggeration, I can say that for 9 months, while I worked at Brady's, the pub became in a certain sense my second home in a foreign land. I was sincerely sympathetic to all the staff, and the Irish and Polish working in the kitchen answered me the same. I think that despite the unskilled work, I was very lucky that I got to Brady's Inn, and I did not feel so keenly at the time that I am not in my native country. If you understand my state of mind, I was warm there with the people who surrounded me every day, which means a lot when you live in a foreign country.

The Irish pub opens to customers at 11, but the kitchen, of course, starts working much earlier. I had to clean up in the presence of a few early visitors, and if in the first days I was somewhat embarrassed, I soon got used to it. Every day, including Saturday, three hours. Here I not only began to work 6 days a week, but for the first time I met the Irish national holidays, decorated with all the pub halls for Christmas, got acquainted with the Irish and watched their customs and traditions, absorbed unfamiliar turns of the rish English, which in no small degree differs from the usual me classical English speech ...
Then I was interested in everything; working, I tried to understand and accept a new part of Irish life and culture for myself. After all, before that, my knowledge of this part of the Irish culture was the most vague, bookish, now I saw from the inside how the Irish pub works and what it is for the Irish.


                                                                                        The old photo of Jonnie Fox's Pub

From my article in '' Nasha Gazeta '':

                                                                                "The oldest highland pub in Ireland"

The oldest and inalienable part of the culture of Ireland is, of course, the pub. I would say that the pub is life itself, and like any culture, it reflects the soul of the Irish people.
The pub, or ''public house'', as it sounds in English, has long been a center of social life in the city and countryside, came here to listen to news, share their sorrows, brighten hours of loneliness among people, after all, just to eat or drink. For the working man, the pub was the same as the club for a wealthy gentleman, but where the doors for middle-class and low-class people were tightly closed. The house of the hard worker was rarely cozy and comfortable, and this is more than the truth about the Irish houses of the past centuries, during the years of English colonization, and only in the pub he could get enough light and fire. For men, the pub was often closer than members of his family, and for widowers and bachelors - something like a surrogate family. In Dublin alone there are over 100 pubs, old and modern, and the first pubs appeared in the 17th century.

For centuries, women's access to pubs has been banned under threat of death, and only at the end of the 19th century, representatives of the weaker sex began to appear in pubs. In those days the lovers had a tradition before all honest people in the pub to swear in love and fidelity and got married. Remember that wonderful American film, where the heroes, after hitting the Irish pub, were betrothed to the priest? If you have not already watched  this wonderful and merry film, do it without fail, you will not regret!. The film with the participation of Hollywood stars as the Irish Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore is called '' Laws of attarction '' . But, unfortunately, such marriages often underwent a fiasco, which is not promised in the hops :) And the government banned the legalization of marriages held in the pub.


The Irish Pub - all is ready to the wedding

Well ... We can talk about pubs for hours and not one book is written about an Irish pub. They, like people, have their own unique appearance and history of creation, I would say - character.
Pubs are different: large, two-storey, with many rooms, or small and cozy. Indispensable condition of each pub - a fireplace or a few, which are ignited not only in winter, but also often in a damp and foggy spring or summer morning. For example, in one of my favorite pubs-restarants next to Phoenix-Park in ''Angler's Rest''  in the oven, the fireplace is kindled in any weather, and it's so nice to have coffee with smoke:)...

Many old pubs were once simply houses, they still preserved the tools and tools of their ancestors, as well as photographs of days of long-past or important events in the history of Ireland, and entering another such pub today, I do not leave the feeling that I went to someone to visit, and that the masters simply went away on business ...
Today, almost all pubs have large screens and televisions at different ends of the hall, and visitors without quarrels can watch at the same time a rugby championship or horse racing. In days of world championships, the Irish pub reminds a stadium in miniature - everyone comes to cheer for his team and watch football or rugby together with friends and shout for joy or scold of grief, and alongside on the tables an unchanged pint of guinness.

It is difficult to imagine an Irishman sitting at home and alone drinking beer, as it is difficult for me to imagine Ireland itself without a pub. All the most significant events in the life of the Irish take place in the birth and christening parlors of children, weddings and funerals. In the morning, on weekdays, an ordinary Irishman runs into the pub to drink coffee and will spill news with the barman, or appoint a business meeting, during lunch he will certainly come to a pub to have lunch, and in the evening to meet with friends, read newspapers or watch football.
For a week after Christmas, the pub becomes a place where every self-respecting Irishman will certainly come with family and relatives for a festive pre-Christmas dinner, and long before the holiday fire burns, garlands are hung up, two weeks before Christmas, Christmas songs are broadcasted on the radio, and they are also different, sentimental-sad and old, sometimes funny and mischievous, and the pre-holiday mood is felt everywhere around.

Here, in Brady's Inn,  was my first Christmas in Ireland, I saw how the Irish are preparing for their main holiday in the year. Two weeks before it, we decorated all the halls with garlands and toys, I took part in it on an equal basis with everyone, and before my eyes the pub became more and more busy and busy..
Well, if the snow falls on so beloved by all the Christmas, then the Irish with a light heart and full right can sing along to the bearded Christmas hit "Let It Snow". But as I was told much later and how lucky it was to see for myself, "We have snow falls every 10 years :)".

One of the oldest Irish pubs is Jonnie Fox's Pub, known since the end of the 18th century. In those distant times it was a really ordinary Irish house in three rooms, in which lived a family named Fox. People went to the hospitable neighbors for a little talk and to drink a pint-another drunk ale, which every Irish mistress was able to cook. The family was growing, the house was growing, and in different years, more rooms and small rooms were attached to it. The brothers acquired a state license, allowing them to conduct a profitable business, and became their house called a pub..

the pig house

It not only remained the same outside, but also preserved the almost intact atmosphere of those distant times, and without exaggeration it can be said that this is not only a pub, but a museum that tells how in the old days simple Irish lived. The usual stone floor for today is sprinkled with sawdust, a rough fireplace, on which clothes was dried ...The old sewing machines now serve as tables for visitors, shelves with utensils that will fit today, walls and ceilings hung with rakes, shovels and hoes, although now take it and go to the field. Posters, photographs, invitations to theatrical premieres, gloves of famous boxers and shoes of the dancer from the famous Irish dance ensemble "Riverdance". And with pure Irish humor, an old toilet on a low pedestal, and then a wedding silver tray of Princess Diana, and here she is smiling from the photo, young and happy ... The walls in the narrow corridors are hung with photos of  famous people who visited the pub in different years-presidents, prime ministers, rock stars, outstanding athletes and artists ... It's impossible to list all of them! I stood for a few minutes before the yellowed page from the newspaper of 1961, from which the smiling Yuri Gagarin was looking at me. "This guy opened our way to space and skirted the globe in 89 minutes," - that was the headline in that far-away Soviet newspaper. Could I ever think that one of the first articles about my great compatriot I'll see and read in Ireland?

Johnny Fox's Pub reflects the history of many, if not all, Irish pubs. And he was particularly famous for his location - he is located high in the mountains, and the revolutionary events of the early 20th century, when the pub was a place for secret and secret meetings of the Irish rebels and where the English soldiers often had to hide Michael Collins, the great Irishman, giving life in the struggle to ensure that his native Ireland could become independent and be called the Republic .... In the photo you can easily see the most famous stone from which Michael Collins called his oppressed compatriots to overthrowing of the English colonization. In the pub of the Fox brothers, he often had to hide from the British soldiers and it was the location of the pub that contributed to the secrecy of his location.

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The well-known stone nearby JFP where Micheal Collins addressed his speech to the irish labours

It is impossible to understand the Irish as a nation, if you do not go to the pub, do not just sit around, sipping your favorite beer, or the famous ginger black, looking around and looking at people that they came here for their own and with your own, just drink, have dinner, read the newspapers and certainly discuss the latest sports news with a bartender who knows you so well, but will never allow familiarity, whether to sit among people to feel less lonely in this world ... Try consider all these drawings on the walls, which are available in every pub and read the funny inscriptions on them well, absolutely vital to any theme with an inexhaustible supply of pure Irish humor. Irish people like a good joke and do not like to complain. And perhaps you will understand something special about this country and about these inflexible people who for several centuries had to struggle with English colonization, starved, sold into slavery, forbidden to speak their native Irish language ...

And if we ask ourselves - for what we love everything connected with the concept of "Irish pub", then without exaggeration we can say that the Irish pub is characterized by a certain uniqueness based on the style of life of the Irish, their traditions, life priorities and those values ​​that are shared only by the inhabitants of the Emerald Isle.

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