wwww1024px Phoenix Park Dublin 16A child of urbanization, I lived in capitals all my life ... I was born and raised in Moscow, lived in Riga for many years, now Dublin ... But until now I can’t stop wondering that riding a bike on small roads in non-central districts of Dublin, I meet foxes and raccoons crossing the road, not to mention the fact that squirrels settled on a huge tree in the yard of my house and I see from the window how they jump along the branches, scaring the ubiquitous and haunting forty ...


Phoenix Park - Deer, Foxes and Other Inhabitants of Dublin

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Phoenix Park is based in the centre of Dublin

I still can not get used to this wonderful fact that many animals inhabit one of the European capitals, and it seems that they feel quite good here ... But if I tell you about the park in the center of Dublin, where the deer live.

The Irish called their park Phoenix, this word translated into English means clean water. Phoenix park - Phoenix Park - is located almost very close to the center of Dublin and occupies more than 700 hectares. This is one of the largest parks in Europe within the city. I still remember my impressions when I was shown this park for the first time and we were driving a car, very soon I lost all the landmarks and got confused in all roads, big and small, then it seemed to me that I could never get out of it myself. Yes, then it seemed to me simply immeasurably huge, like some kind of magical forest.


Phoenix Park in a foggy evening

I know that not all my readers like to get acquainted with the history, but I can not get around some interesting facts about how this famous park originated.

In the 12th century, the Normans conquered Dublin, and the knights of one of the sacred orders of local nobility were granted the land on which they founded their abbey. Soon, when the British came to Ireland, many Catholic abbeys were disbanded, and by order of the English king, the land was given to his lords to hunt pheasants and wild deer. And only in 1745 the park became open to all residents of Dublin for all kinds of entertainment. Phoenix park plays a huge role in the cultural, social and sports life of the Irish and all Dublin residents.


The Residence of Irish Presidents 

On its territory there is a Dublin zoo, a rather large and with many amazing, rare animals, the residence of the Irish Presidents, Ashtown castle - Ashtown Castle, the center for visitors and guests of the capital, the oldest cartographic community that was founded two centuries ago by the Irish military and whose maps are among the most accurate and diverse in their purpose. Roads run through the entire park and very conveniently connect it with some other areas of the city. Many townspeople leave their cars in the park and go to work in the center on foot.

In Phoenix Park almost every week, especially in the summer, some important events take place. and interesting cultural events. And this is the only inconvenience if you drive through the park by the shortest road to the city center, because the police for some time blocks the entrances to the park. Competitions in football, rugby or golf, long-distance races to raise money for charity events, motocrosses, concerts of famous groups in open areas of the park that can accommodate thousands of listeners, and this is not the whole list of significant events in the social life of the city . Dubliners themselves, especially those who work in organizations that have been fortunate enough to be located in the park, do their favorite sport here every day, and especially at weekends the park is full of people running around and cyclists. It’s easy to find a quiet place and stay with your family on grass for a picnic, which many do ... 

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 Deer are always in the Park

So if you haven’t seen wild deer for a long time, come to Dublin and take the children with you, perhaps it’s them who are incredulous animals, hundreds of whom in the park, will allow themselves to be fed from the hand ...And you will not be able to miss a chance to attend the absolutely astonished Dublin Zoo - there are a great deal of very different and exotic animals there...

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