wwwwrsz 20170421 164057 e1493571345290Geographically, Dublin - whether by chance or not - is located not far from the placer of hills in Wicklow County - Wicklow - which most naturally represent an ideal vacation spot, both for residents of the capital, and, of course, for tourists. With whole families, with friends or alone, we all - residents of the capital and its environs - often go for a day or the whole weekend in Wicklow.



Weekend among Mountains and Hills of Wicklow


A circular route has been laid around Dublin, which becomes high-speed at certain sections of it. Traffic jams are the same problem for Ireland as for all the capitals of the world and their surrounding areas. Large and long wagons driven by drivers — aces, silent knights of such roads, arriving from Europe and England to the island and carrying goods all over Ireland round the clock, flood the most extreme left lanes of the highway — don't forget that on Emerald Isle there is a right-hand drive. movement - and only the spray flies from under the wheels of trucks speeding at high speed .. From Dublin, this road leads us in the southern and western direction of the Emerald Isle to its other cities, large and small.

Saturday or Sunday morning, when the traffic on the road is not as intensive as on working days, you can get to the Wiclow mountains at a good speed in 30-40 minutes, turn from the main road to the viaduct - and now you are winding along narrow roads actually in the mountains, bypassing scattered throughout the individual houses, and farms, and small villages, and drive up straight to the National Park, where everything is created for family holidays.

There are several options for relaxing in the Wicklow Mountains, and I will try to tell you about it. Depending on what type of holiday - passive or active, you prefer, dear friends, you will have to choose yourself.

Cyclists, professionals and amateurs, spend their workouts here and wind up hundreds of kilometers on their pedals and iron muscles on their legs, overcoming steep slopes, ascending mountains, descending, struggling with strong winds that are always in the mountains in open areas. If you love a bicycle and are not afraid of hard work, then you should come here.

 Tourists and locals prefer to come to Wicklow by car, you can leave it on parking lots, and go on for several kilometers on foot, just leisurely walking around the National Park, pushing a carriage with a child or a few in front of you as lucky. Enjoy the beautiful views that surround you from all sides, passing by the lakes, stopping near small cafes that offer unchanged fast - food - fast food, or sit right on the lawn, here - on a picnic, with your beloved family and children, or with a group of friends ... What could be better?

The third option is to travel in the mountains by car, stopping at any place that you like to view, to look down from the heights of the hills, to the lakes, and slowly try to go down to its shores, or, on the contrary, climb up, clinging to very thorny shrubs that grow everywhere on the slopes of these and almost all hills in Ireland, sometimes I think that these shrubs protect the mountains from such unexpected guests ... so you will not climb very high - I guarantee you, unless, of course, you are not al pinist or climber with all the special equipment .. Well, we all looked around, stretch your legs, drank coffee from a thermos and we can get back in the car and move on, the road takes us deeper into the mountains ..


Due to the fact that the Wicklow mountains are very popular and tourists come to see them not only on weekends, the patrols of the Irish police, called GARDA (the Irish gave the name of their police in their own language in retaliation to the English) roads in the mountains of Wicklow and therefore, if you decide to go a large company on the same machine, you are very at risk, because you will definitely be stopped and fined for breaking the rules. I also do not recommend you to drive while drunk, do not wear a seat belt or talk on your cell, the Irish police strictly suppress all these, if I may say so, pranks on the roads, and that is why Ireland has a very low percentage of car accidents. When I worked as a translator in courts, I often witnessed how strict Irish judges deprived negligent drivers, among whom there were a lot of Russian speakers, their driving licenses for 3 or 5 years for driving while intoxicated.


 Peatlands in the Wicklow hills

I must tell you that here and so, by car, through the Wicklow mountains, you can travel all day ... The road goes up high, then goes down to a plain covered with peat bogs, in the valleys you will see small villages or detached houses for one family, near - grazing silent sheep, horses or cows ... The beautiful view of patriarchal Ireland, which never bores the city-weary civilian and the mild climate of the Emerald Isle allows us to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the island all year round ... voryat themselves Irish - "We are not too hot and not too cold," and as noticed in one of his detectives Tatyana Ustinova - Dublin is always + 17, and it is not very truthfully ..

And when you're already quite tired, then head to the highest-altitude Irish pub "Johnnie Fox's", which is just a short time to get to, because the world-famous "Johnnie Fox's" is comfortably located many centuries ago in these places. Here you can relax, enjoy the true Irish cuisine, enjoy the hospitality and pure Irish hospitality of the locals, and this is how your long and a bit tedious day will end, which you will spend on traveling in the mountains of Wicklow County.

Johnnie Fox Pub - follow the link, please,  you are welcome to read my article about this  worldknown famous Irish pub





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