wwww400Sligo3 Sometimes I think - how did the Irish people manage to preserve such amazing warmth and hospitality, having such a tragic history of English colonization and genocide? Where are the roots of this natural desire to always smile at you and to a simple question about the road to tell a lot more than we ask for and show this road and advise to see many other places interesting for tourists... Although I often hear from the Irish themselves that people in Dublin now differ from those who live in the outback. In one of the B & Bs in Sligo, where we stayed for the night, at breakfast the hostess complained that, unfortunately, the Irish became more mercantile. ..


All about Sligo

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 I think she was referring to the simple values ​​that are available to each of us, but which we sometimes change is not known for what in pursuit of a ghostly dream. In her house we saw many photos of children and grandchildren, and the Bible on the table by the fireplace ... Honest work, often from early childhood, and a strong, close-knit family are still holy for the Irish. Two days spent and lived in this region, once again confirmed the old truth - a person really needs a little bit for happiness, and you will be convinced again and again by spending even quite a bit of time in Sligo and its surroundings. The feeling of a different rhythm of life did not leave me, and the extraordinary silence around the houses both in the early morning and late evening made me think — how nice it would be to live here ...


Leaving sweet home, Sligo,  to a new life in America

Sligo- The city of Sligo on the western edge of the island has become one of my favorite places. If you believe in reincarnation (I foresee the ironic smiles of some of my readers) - then I certainly lived in this land in one of my previous incarnations. Every time I come to Sligo for business or pleasure, I really do not have the feeling that I once lived here. His leisurely rhythm of modern life is visible in everything and this Irish prosperous city has changed little; as its inhabitants say, it is still today with one foot in history. Many streets of the city are not adapted for modern traffic, it is planned to build a third bridge to “unload” the center during peak hours. Sligo is not such a small city, but I caught myself thinking that the absence of public transport, so familiar to us, modern civilized citizens, does not annoy me at all; car or bicycle - everyone chooses what he likes. Stepping into the 21st century, Sligo has preserved traces of distant antiquity and is in no hurry to "civilize", as indeed all similar small towns and cities scattered throughout Ireland. Dear patriarchalism is inherent in its center and a certain domestic trustingness is so clearly felt in conversations with local residents of the city and people living in these parts since their early years ...

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The economy of this region has flourished over the past 20 years, as revenues from Government funds have been invested in many of its industries. The stable economy of the state is a quiet life for its citizens. The geographical position of the city itself and the many picturesque villages scattered along the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean absolutely naturally contributes to the development of the tourist business and consistently replenishes the city budget. Numerous guest houses, often lost in the mountains, if you want privacy, luxurious hotels, modest B & Bs, everyone can find what they like to his taste and wallet if they wish. Great fishing in the purest mountain lakes or mountain rivers, competitions in this kind of leisure - or sports? - and windsurfing on the waves of the Atlantic, hiking or traveling by car, like ours, in the mountains in the vicinity of Sligo, swimming in clear lakes, cycling trips to picturesque surroundings, picnics in nature and of course, indispensable golf ... How? You do not play golf? Only in a whisper speak about this annoying gap in your education ... Beautiful green golf courses stretched right by the ocean and here you can hear Japanese speech and a pronounced loud American accent, and quite a few German players play on these fields ... There are plenty to choose from and how to plan a vacation for everyone in the family. A curious fact - in the book for guests in our B & B, I saw how many tourists come here especially from the States and Australia ...

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Despite the fact that Sligo is not the capital of Ireland, this city bravely competes with Dublin in the diversity of cultural life. Since 1985, various festivals have been held in Sligo and its surroundings, where the best in music, theater, art and painting are represented, and entertainment events are organized on the streets of the city. In the days of music festivals, Irish national music certainly sounds and believe me, it is simply impossible to pass by the playing musicians without enjoying the beautiful old Celtic melodies! One day, while walking around the center of the city, I looked into the travel agency, just out of curiosity - what do people offer in Sligo? I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of the directions in the work of the company was to search for relatives and to compile the family tree of Irish families. I have seen in some of my Irish acquaintances branched family trees, which hung in a frame at the most prominent place of the owners of the house. Living today, the descendants do not forget their distant ancestors, trying to find their traces around the world, because it is impossible to forget slavery, wars and immigration of their people, and therefore their ancestors.






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