rrr 8819 e1406829021212Today, dear friends, I want to talk about what types of travel you can choose if you decide to come and spend a vacation on the Emerald Island.  You can come to Ireland at any time of the year, and you can’t go wrong. True, on one condition that you are not a sissy and are not afraid of rain. If you miss the sun and you definitely do not have enough vitamin "D", then in this case you can make a mistake with the choice, since the weather changes during the day several times. I wrote about it in my article "Order Rain in Irish!"




One can not both  Refuse and  Resist

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Whether driving by car or riding bike - along the route of the world-famous '' Ring of Kerry ''

Without a joke and with confidence, I say that the climate in this country is very mild, without abrupt transitions from a hot summer to a harsh winter, and this circumstance, in my opinion, allows you to travel around the Emerald Island even in winter, because it is also covered brightly green grass fields, meadows and valleys in the mountains and cute sheep with black muzzles graze on them from early morning until late evening.

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Unforgettable landscapes of the Emerald Isle of the southwestern part of it

The question arises - what means to choose the means for exploring Ireland? They are, fortunately, tourists who come to the island from around the world, a few. The most traditional and provided that you need, first of all, comfort everywhere and always, this, of course, booking tickets and hotels through tour operators. You will be helped to choose a top class hotel with SPA procedures, a swimming pool and a gym located in a picturesque place, and most likely it will be in Wexford county - Wexford on the southeast of the island, right on the coast of the Irish Sea, which washes the Emerald Isle its east side. Wexford County also needs to come to visit because of the traditional opera art festivals that have long been traditional here. The festival is usually held in October and lasts a full week, here you will hear only the most famous voices of the world, and our Russian opera singers are frequent guests at this festival of beautiful music. And if you are a fan of not only good food from seafood, which is caught in the Irish Sea and delivered to the cuisines of local hotels, but also operas in the best performance, then you need to worry in order to book tickets in advance and to the festival in the fall.

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You will have a great rest, even if the weather during your visit is not very sunny. Service and food in Irish hotels - above all praise! And this, it should be noted, applies not only to hotels of the highest category, but to all hotels, large and small, for the reason that the Irish are very hospitable people and are very polite. Not for the money that tourists pay, no, but by the warehouse of their soul. Just do not ask the local road if you happen to accidentally get lost! I will explain it to you for half an hour, and you will curse everything in the world, but it will not be easy to pull out your hand, because the Irish are very polite people and help strangers in trouble with all the passion of their Celtic soul. True, they do not forget to take the payment in full .:).. Remind me, please, and I should tell you a very unusual case that had happened to me in one of very rainy, dark winter nights in one of many  typical irish B@B....

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Follow ''The Ring of Kerry'' 

In this kind of tourism there is only one drawback - it is static. You will spend the entire time of your vacation, most likely in one place, if you do not have friends or relatives in this country who would help you to really see Ireland.

The second and most democratic form of travel in Ireland is by bicycle or by car, and of course it is better to do this in the company of good friends. You can rent a car, like a bicycle, at the relevant agencies at the airport or in Dublin upon arrival, there are plenty of them, and from here, after spending one night in the capital, you can safely go on a journey.

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Around ''The Ring of Kerry''

There are three airports in Ireland, I wrote about the second significant airport after Dublin in Ireland - Shannon,

You can read more about it at this link - Shannon River and Airport.

You can land in Shannon, bypassing Dublin, and then you immediately go to the west or southwest of the Emerald Isle and this land in Ireland is perhaps the most picturesque ... There is also a local airport in the city of Cork, but you can use it if you decide to save time your vacation or want to spend the so-called "weekend away", that is, a weekend away from the busy capital, and arriving from Dublin to Cork, you can also rent a car and quickly get to the hotel.

qqqqqRing Of Kerry

The fields for golf

If you choose Dublin Airport, then straight from the capital the road will take you to Wicklow County, (you can read in my article - Welcome to Wiclow!)

towards Wexford County and beyond and you will not be able to bypass such ancient, small and very picturesque cities of Ireland as Bray - Bray, Gorey - Gori, Enniskerry- Enischeri

I am not saying ''goodbye'' for a long, dear friends, follow my articles and you will find more interesting routes around Ireland!





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